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GCLive is available for Facebook where you could sell live with live comments from your audience. Setup your store, manage your product and start your livestream on Facebook in as fast as 5 minutes.


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with our social commerce core features

Featuring an easy store registering and setup module
packed with the features that you'll need for liveselling.

Catalogue Management

Simple but comprehensive product catalogue management system. Simply upload to sell on social channels.

Order Management

Manage all your orders from different digital social platform in on central order management system

Facebook Liveselling

Real-time shopping experience through engagement and interactions on Facebook Live sessions.

Live Dashboard

Live real-time analytics to help enable Liveseller to promote live deals. Enabling you to react and sell based on real time demand.

Customer Engagement

Engagement with your customer Live with interactive games to increase your viewership and engagement with your customers.

Sales Reporting

Consolidate and monitor the sales at the end of every session, weekly or monthly with customized sales format and integrations.

Live Analytics

Power your livestream with live analytics and meet the demands of your customers on social channels to increase your sales and repeat customers.

Conversational Commerce

We sieve out live comments on the livestream to identify customers with real buying intention and automatically start their purchasing journey with you on the messenger.

Social Store

Setup your store on the social channels today. Reach out to your customers more effectively and 10X your sales with GCLive.

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